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Understanding and Responding to Children Who Bite

Many toddlers and young children bite. Developmentally, most young children don’t have enough words to express how they are feeling. They primarily rely on sounds and actions to communicate what they are thinking and feeling. Therefore, biting is one of the ways young children express their needs, desires, or feelings.

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Powerful Phrases to Tell Your Child Instead of "Good Job"

"Good Job…You are SO smart, what a pretty little girl you are!"

Sounds good, right? Familiar, perhaps, as you praise your child all through the day? Of course, you are doing this from a loving and well-intentioned place. However, praise of this kind can sometimes displace just what our children need the most.

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Going to School

When children first start school there is a lot for them to get used to. Some children will adapt more easily than others. Helping children to feel confident and positive about school will give them a good start. There are many things you can do to help your child transition to school as smoothly as possible. 

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